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  Shane Ames - founder
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio as an only child with European background, at a very early age he had the desire and passion to build and design, using Lego, Lincoln Logs and Kenner Girder and Strut toys, which helped develop the abilities he uses today.

Growing up in South Florida, during the boom years, he choose to go to Cincinnati to attend the #1 rated architectural school in the U.S, the University of Cincinnati, for the 6 year Bachelorette Architecture Program. Receiving a bachelor in architecture, and a minor certificate in historic preservation, this included on-the-job training as part of the curriculum.

Taught in the German Bauhaus model in which design is not limited to buildings, but is well rounded in all fields of art, graphics, painting and architecture, this same school program educated and graduated such greats as Michael Graves and Peter Eisenman.

During school, under a work study program, he worked in a tract house plan factory doing the work in Westinghouse's suburb, Coral Spring, which then led to designing in the new country club communities in Boca Raton and the starting of his own firm; building the company from scratch with a portable drawing board and a typewriter, getting references via word of mouth from realtors and builders, after seeing the popularity of the designs he produced, led to his unparalleled success.

Being first a designer and artist, he has the unique ability to design in any style or discipline, creating magnificent works from contemporary to period architecture, honing his abilities over the years and doing it in front of your eyes, while talking with you about your wants and desires.

Clients have described it as “reading our minds”. He works this way for a reason: “People usually don't know exactly what they want, but they have pieces and small details in their minds. I take these pieces and pictures and put them together like a large puzzle, cutting each piece separately in front of their eyes; not with my ego getting in the way, but letting my design talent gently guide, I direct and redesign the house of their dreams. Another benefit to this design philosophy is time. Most architects take notes and come back a few weeks later with drawings you hate, losing enthusiasm and time. The one to one interaction over every detail creates great projects”."

Having been the architect for thousands of magnificent homes and estates for an elite and international clientele who demand excellence, Shane enjoys a reputation second to none. He is proud and honored to be the recipient of countless unsolicited pictorials in dozens of leading architectural and design publications.

Shane's custom homes and projects now grace approximately 30 countries and counting.
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Ames Design International
Established in 1984 in Boca Raton, Florida by our founder and architect Shane Ames, we work on design of luxurious and memorable single family homes, multi-family housing projects and commercial ventures.

We have completed projects in 27 countries throughout the globe, receiving numerous awards and accolades; being published in dozens of periodicals and books.

We offer full services; coordinating all phases of the project from initial design, through construction, to interiors and final completion
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Ames International Architecture
Ames International Architecture
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