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Any size interior architecture project can be designed in any
style. Prices and fees vary depending on complexity and style. The process is as

Phase I – Conceptual Design

It begins with the questionnaire and in meetings with the architect discussing ideas, looking at photos, and visiting the site. A great deal of time is required in the initial phase to completely get across your vision to the architect and have a proper understanding of your needs, lifestyle and future plans.

We study the community and governmental requirements, survey information, aerial photos, the neighboring structures, lot orientation, topography, lot features and views. Then we start with the rough sketch.

Rough SketchRough Sketch:
Communicates the spatial planning of the lot and floor plan by drawing in front of you getting instant feedback, brainstorming with you and incorporating information from the questionnaire to develop a floor plan which best takes advantage of all of the lots features.

Concept Development:
Scale Drawings will be done with approximate room sizes and square footages with many overlay drawings, refinements and fine tunings. Hand drawn 3D sketches may be used to convey special details and features.

Conceptual Elevation Theme:

Different concept sketches are developed of the front elevation and details and styles are researched from magazines, books, etc. All this is combined with your and the architect’s ideas. If the conceptual drawings are not to your liking new concepts are developed, until we get to a point where the roughs are approved. All of the sketches are then ready to be inputted into the computer starting phase II preliminary design development.

Phase II – Interior Design Drawings

  • Furniture plan
  • Locates: Built in cabinets, rugs and flooring, free standing furniture
  • Room by room, wall elevations
  • Showing wall moldings, cabinet designs, tile details, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, A/C ducts, special finishes, windows and doors, ceiling changes
  • Reference plan
  • Drawn to allow ease of access to detail drawings
  • Finish schedules
  • Paint colors, wall textures, location of wall paper and faux finishes.
  • Flooring plan
  • Identifies flooring materials, identifies flooring patterns and starting, inlays, wood direction, identifies size of material, shows floor outlets, level changes
  • Exterior material selection
  • Stone, precast, exterior paving, pool, decks, driveways, roof color and material.
  • Reflected ceiling
  • Ceiling moldings, ceiling elevation changes, lighting fixtures and A/C ducts, ceiling materials, ceiling design patterns
  • Millwork details
  • Edge details, materials and finishes
  • Coordinate with electrical plan for furniture and wall elevations, low voltage controls
  • Railing and gate designs and specs
Phase III – Preliminary Design Development

Starting Preliminary Phase
To start the preliminary phase either a contract will need to be signed or an agreement to work hourly with an additional retainer required. (see fee schedule)The approved rough sketches are inputted into the computer in AutoCAD format allowing the most accurate and detailed drawings available. We will meet with you and collect your ideas, comments, requirements and requests from each meeting, which will direct the development and evaluation of the preliminary design phase.

The continued preliminary design development, meetings, reviews, clarifications, research and consultations with architect and staff are included in the contract or billable hourly if that option was chosen. The time this phase takes is contingent upon the client’s ability to make decisions in a timely manner. All levels of details are discussed until we achieve the desired results. Approximate 50% of the time in the base contract is allotted for this phase.

Items which will be discussed are extensive and include (but not limited to):
  • Kitchen design, floor, appliances and storage requirements.
  • Bath designs and fixtures.
  • Mechanical equipment requirements, locations and zoning.
  • All site features, pool, spas, decks, drives, walks, gardens, fountains and landscaping.\
  • Door and window sizes, manufacturers and types.
  • Ceiling heights and details.
  • Roof design and materials.
  • Wall finishes and details.
  • Storage requirements.
  • Stairways and railings.
  • Storm protection (if required).
  • Flooring materials.
  • All exterior elevations.
  • 3D hand sketches of special features.
  • Plus many others
Change requests or changes in scope

It is common that changes in scope, size and level of detail occur during the design process. After we have gone through two major revisions, and you decided to make further major revisions, there will be fee based on how extensive the revision is and how far we are along in producing the final plans and elevations.

A major revision typically comprises more than 20% change in the design. There will never be additional charges or work without your written approval of this work. There are no charges for minor revisions as long they occur before the creation of the construction drawings.

Any decrease or increase in size will adjust the contract amount creating an addendum, if the contract decreases a credit will be given on your statement towards the contract amount, in case of any increase a full or partial payment will be required.

Preliminary Governmental ReviewPreliminary Governmental Review

Just before preliminary drawings are completed, it is suggested that if a community review board, or state supervisory board, or any other governmental authority involved, that a preliminary review be presented for approval. This prevents costly delays and added expenses due to re-drafting. This may affect timeline.

Re-designing major aesthetic changes and CAD Drafting the aesthetic changes directed by above mentioned officials, if requested and /or required, if the architect’s design follows the approved communities guidelines and codes but is denied for capricious reasons, this also pertains to changes necessary to the presentation display boards is billable at published rates. This may affect timeline.

It is also advised that in order for you to get a handle on the cost of
construction of your project, a builder or cost estimator of your choosing should be consulted prior to sign off. Please be advised that your architect is not a cost estimator or a contractor. If re-design is required due to cost an addendum to contract will be issued.

Sign off is the final step before construction drawings are started. Finalized preliminary design plans will be presented to you. You will be asked to sign off on (2) copies of drawings, giving Ames International Architecture the authority to commence with phase III of your plans, the construction document phase.

Any changes/alterations after sign off will be considered above and beyond the scope of work and is billed on an hourly basis as per prevailing rates noted in the contract, by approved addendum.

Additional Services

Available not included in contract

Service fee

Interior design drawings (see phase IV) quote required per scope of work requested

Exterior renderings price based on size, B & W, color, media, oil, watercolor, marker, pencil

Cabinet drawings per published hourly rates

Computer generated 3D – perspective renderings price quote per complexity and detail of drawings required. Some work may be subcontracted to third parties

Plumbing specifications, fixtures, valves and trim, water filtration and heating, insta hots, etc. per published hourly rates

Exterior animation or interior walk thru price quote per complexity and detail of drawings required. Some work may be subcontracted to third parties

Critique of existing plans per published hourly rates

Appliance specifications, kitchen, bar, barbeque, laundry, etc. per published hourly rates

Shipping and mailing no fee with supply owner’s account #, 15% handling charge otherwise

Paint color specification per published hourly rates

Courier services fee plus 15% handling

Prints, plots, CDs and DVDs per published hourly rates

Clerical services. Word processing due to changes orders, letters, research and others per published hourly rates

Consultation with owner’s interior design per published hourly rates

Meetings with specialty sub contractors, security system, hurricane shutters, home automation, elevator consultant, telephone systems, sound & media systems, electric screens, etc. per published hourly rates

Meetings with city or architectural review board to obtain preliminary approval. Per published hourly rates plus additional costs of presentations required.

Permit processing thru license contactor per quote

Meetings with chosen contractors to review plans per published hourly rates

Client concept changes. Client revisions during and after the construction documents approved per contract, addendums and
prevailing rates

Site visit.

Note: site visit on phase I and phase II included on contract amount.

Phase V billable per published hourly rates. Door to door.

Study Models Price based on style, size, intricacy, multilevel, materials, etc.
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Ames Design International
Established in 1984 in Boca Raton, Florida by our founder and architect Shane Ames, we work on design of luxurious and memorable single family homes, multi-family housing projects and commercial ventures.

We have completed projects in 27 countries throughout the globe, receiving numerous awards and accolades; being published in dozens of periodicals and books.

We offer full services; coordinating all phases of the project from initial design, through construction, to interiors and final completion
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