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This style is found in early 20th century throughput the country, particularly in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Low pitched roof, clay roof tile, upper story windows less elaborate than windows below, arched doors and windows, accentuated entrance with classical columns and symmetrical fašade, little to no overhang are some of the characteristics of this style.

Roof structure is a combination of side gable, cross gable, combined hip and gable, or hipped configuration. The style borrowed details from the entire history of Spanish architecture. Commonly used roof tiles are barrel or Spanish S. Entry doors are usually emphasized by adjacent spiral columns, pilasters, carved stonework or patterned tiles. Doors leading to exterior gardens, patios, and balconies are usually paired and glazed with multiple panes of rectangular glass. Many examples have at least one large focal window. Decorative window grills of wood or iron are common. As are similar balustrades on cantilevered balconies, which occur in variety of shapes and sizes.

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Ames Design International
Established in 1984 in Boca Raton, Florida by our founder and architect Shane Ames, we work on design of luxurious and memorable single family homes, multi-family housing projects and commercial ventures.

We have completed projects in 27 countries throughout the globe, receiving numerous awards and accolades; being published in dozens of periodicals and books.

We offer full services; coordinating all phases of the project from initial design, through construction, to interiors and final completion
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