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Japanese, zen and Feng Shui
Feng Shui literally means wind and water. It is the ancient Chinese art of the study of the natural environment. Feng Shui can determine the most favorable locations for anyone in any environment, such as the office, home, or virtually anywhere. Feng Shui Masters make this determination based on the surrounding topography, compass readings of the building in question, elements, colors, the year the individual is born, and a number of other

Throughout ancient China, classical Feng Shui was a closely guarded discipline used as a tool to ensure the good health, wealth, and power of the imperial dynasties. The keepers of these secrets were Feng Shui masters, the highly respected scientists, and astronomers who were charged with sustaining the good fortune and prosperity of the royal court. These masters of Chinese geomancy were very selective of their protégées and extremely wary of sharing their Feng Shui knowledge.

As a result, few who claimed to be Feng Shui masters even knew the basic theories, which meant even fewer could practice with proficiency. To this day, Feng Shui charlatans continue to shroud their ignorance in cloaks of
mystery and ritual. Beware of people practicing the "black hat" school of Feng Shui. It was developed in the late 1980s as a way to "make Feng Shui easier".

Feng Shui is not easy. It is, however, an exact science. A classical Feng Shui reading involves no guesswork. Every building has unique energy characteristics that need to be individually addressed, so be wary of practitioners who offer fixed "cures". Their prescribed remedies may actually do more harm than good. Used correctly, Feng Shui can improve virtually every aspect of your life, your diet, wardrobe, home, office, business, even your garden.

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Ames Design International
Established in 1984 in Boca Raton, Florida by our founder and architect Shane Ames, we work on design of luxurious and memorable single family homes, multi-family housing projects and commercial ventures.

We have completed projects in 27 countries throughout the globe, receiving numerous awards and accolades; being published in dozens of periodicals and books.

We offer full services; coordinating all phases of the project from initial design, through construction, to interiors and final completion
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Ames International Architecture
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